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Learn Spanish in Pucol

Just twenty minutes from Valencia airport is Pucol. Pucol has pleasant beaches and local countryside as well as being a busy market town.

Pucol is located in the northernmost of the Horta of Valencia. It extends from a mountainous area its westerly edge (Los Monasterios, Alfinach and Monte Picayo), passing a level strip, where the town is located, down to the flat and partially marshy coastal zone on the easterly edge (Playa Puçol or Platja Puçol). The northern part of Playa Pucol is a protected marshland call La Marjal dels Moros.

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Spanish courses in Pucol

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On campus pool students

Spanish + Water Sports for Teenagers

This junior Spanish language and water sports programme ticks all the boxes. Spanish is taught through playful and practical activities, in and out of the classroom. There are all sorts of water sports on offer at nearby Pucol beach

  • 7+
  • A0
  • 2 weeks +
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Spanish + Activities for Teenagers

A really innovative junior Spanish and activity programme, with fun activities and close to great countryside and the sandy beach at Pucol

  • 7+
  • A0
  • 2 weeks +
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Studying Spanish in Spain offers an immersive and captivating approach to mastering one of the world's most widely spoken languages. 

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Learning a language

7 Language Learning Strategies

Learning a new language or improving the one you already speak is a different experience for everyone. Some people find learning a new language a piece of cake while others really struggle to grasp the basics. Studies have shown that women are prone to acquire a new language faster and easier. However, in my opinion (and personal experience) if you are willing and motivated to learn something you will, no matter if you are male or female. In this article, I will reveal some very useful language learning tactics that will help you get on the right path of this process.

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Why Study Spanish in Spain?

Spanish is a language that is spoken by almost 500 million people worldwide. To be able to speak Spanish means to be able to make many friends worldwide, expand your career opportunities and to be able to travel worldwide without being afraid that you cannot communicate with the locals.

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I have booked a language experience programme to Spain on the Wiseward website? Do I need a visa?

You almost certainly do not need a study visa for the language experiences and courses offered on the Wiseward website; unless your are planning to stay longer than three months. Depending on your nationality you may need a visitor visa. Additional useful information can be found on the Spanish Government website

We are keen to do a Spanish Experience course. What do you suggest?

How about Spanish and Cooking at Malaca Instituto? A great course with students from all over the world, learning about and preparing some amazing Spanish dishes.

How long will it take me to become fluent in Spanish?

It is difficult to say. It depends on your existing competence levels.

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