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Learn Italian Abroad

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Italian culture, where each phrase learned is a gateway to understanding centuries of art, cuisine, and romance.

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The best places to learn Italian abroad

When learning Italian in our select locations and schools, you aren't merely learning a language; you're discovering a new lens to perceive the world, Italian-style—from the artistic allure of Florence, to the engaging environment of Linguaviva Florence.

Italian Experiences & Courses

Immersive Italian language-learning

Italian Cookery

Italian + Cooking

in Florence, Italy

This course combines learning Italian in the morning and Italian cookery lessons in the afternoon in one of Italy's most iconic cities - Florence

  • 16+
  • A1
  • 2 weeks +
Medici Villas

Italian + Art History

in Florence, Italy

This extremely popular course combines the school's morning Standard Italian Course with afternoon classes in Italian Art History

  • 16+
  • A1
  • 2 weeks +
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Standard Italian

in Florence, Italy

There can be no better place to learn Italian than historic Florence and this Italian course is perfectly balanced between helping you develop your communication skills without forgetting the basics.

  • 16+
  • A0
  • 2 weeks +
Our Guides & Articles

Prepare for your Italian learning experience

Italian Wine unsplash

5 Italian Expressions About Wine

Proverbs are a very important part of any language. Some of the proverbs and expressions have literal meanings, while others don’t. The Italian language is full of proverbs and expressions. As you may already know, wine is also an essential part of Italian identity so read on and learn some important Italian expressions about wine.

Learning a language

7 Language Learning Strategies

Learning a new language or improving the one you already speak is a different experience for everyone. Some people find learning a new language a piece of cake while others really struggle to grasp the basics. Studies have shown that women are prone to acquire a new language faster and easier. However, in my opinion (and personal experience) if you are willing and motivated to learn something you will, no matter if you are male or female. In this article, I will reveal some very useful language learning tactics that will help you get on the right path of this process.

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The 5 keys to perfect language learning

Have you ever felt a sense of frustration during a meeting with someone from a different culture, who speaks a different language, when you realise how the experience could be significantly enhanced by knowing, understanding and speaking that person’s language?

Studying Italian Abroad FAQs

Have questions?

Can I get Erasmus funding for my Italian course?

If you hold an EU passport you might be able to. More information on the Erasmus programme can be found here

Do I need a visa for Italy?

You might need a visa. It depends on, among other things, how long you are planning on staying, and what nationality/passport you hold. If you hold an EU passport you definitely do not need a visa

I am just about to go to University to study Italian. Is there an Italian language course you could recommend before a start my degree?

We would recommend an intensive Italian Course at one of our partner schools in Italy. It is a wonderful way to get started on your university journey.

I am over fifty and would like to study at a school that has students of a similar age as me. Where would you recommend?

We have a great choice of language and activity programmes for the over 50s on our website. You can study different languages in some great, handpicked locations.

Need help deciding where to learn Italian?

Our experts are on hand to help you craft the ideal Italian language learning experience.