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Study Abroad Safety Tips

What often comes to mind when we hear the phrase study abroad are excitement, fun, travel, and party. But students who are going to study abroad must think beyond this. The first thing that is of utmost importance is how to stay safe in a country in which you are a stranger.

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The first thing that must be done before leaving your own country is some research about the place you are travelling to. Try to find out as much as you can. Learn about the culture, the tradition of that country, and the way the people dress. Use this information when you pack your clothes. Furthermore, try to find out how public transportation functions. If possible try to contact a student that has already been in that country and ask him more about the place, you can find former students and alumni in some Facebook groups. Another must-do before you leave is to make at least three copies of your passport, visa (if required), and other essential documents needed for the travel. Leave one copy at home, give one to a person you trust and keep the third copy with you. Get travel insurance in case you need medical attention.

Once you get there buy a SIM card so you have a local number and always call at least one person to tell where you are going and with whom. This way there will always be someone who will know where to look in case anything happens.

Try to keep yourself safe by being aware of your surroundings at all times. Use streets with lots of people on them, and try not to go to places that you are not sure about. Listen to your instincts. If going out at night never go alone and always move on well-lit streets. When using a taxi always use the official ones, never use illegal taxis or take a ride with someone you don't know.

Always keep your passport or a copy of it with you and be careful when showing it.

Furthermore, don’t expose your wallet, and be careful of showing off your jewellery and other valuable items.

Keep a low profile by trying to speak the native language of the country you are travelling in; try not to draw too much attention to yourself by not getting too drunk, not speaking too loudly and wearing clothes appropriate for that culture.

Keep a piece of paper with "in case of emergency" contact information in your wallet with the phone number of a trusted person in your home country and in the country you are visiting.

Follow this advice and live the best travel abroad experience ever!

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Damian breen
Damian Breen Managing Director

Damian spent some 22 years living and working in various different countries in Africa and the Middle East, for several different leading international airlines, in senior country and regional manager roles.