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Why Study Spanish in Spain?

Spanish is a language that is spoken by almost 500 million people worldwide. To be able to speak Spanish means to be able to make many friends worldwide, expand your career opportunities and to be able to travel worldwide without being afraid that you cannot communicate with the locals.

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1. Spanish is a very powerful and important tool for doing business. Just imagine offering your products and services to 500 million people whose native language is Spanish. Plus adding Spanish on your resume will help you find a job easily, especially if you are in the United States or Latin America.

2. Bear in mind that you don’t have to know Spanish if you travel to a country where Spanish is the native language. But there is a difference between the experiences that one can live while visiting Spanish speaking country if he/she speaks English and Spanish. If you speak English you will be understood and you will be probably getting the role of observer but if you speak Spanish you will have a chance to become an active participant and uncover more of local life. You will be able to discover more than the English-only speaking tourists. You will have a chance to connect with the locals and have a better understanding of the culture of the place you are visiting.

3. The Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein once said “The Limits of my language are the limits of my universe”. Don’t limit yourself by being monolinguistic. Considering the increasing Hispanic population worldwide, the chances you meet a Spanish-speaking person anywhere in the world are very high. Imagine being surrounded by Spanish speakers and you cannot understand a thing; you will immediately feel like an outcast. That is why you should enrol in a Spanish language course ASAP.

4. Did you know that knowing and using two languages will reduce the chances of developing Alzheimer’s Disease? Being multilingual improves the mental ability of adults and children. Plus, speaking more languages enhances memory and stimulates creativity.

5. Learning Spanish is fun and opens doors not only socially and professionally but also culturally. Being an intermediate or advanced Spanish language user allows you to read a fascinating Spanish novel, enjoy popular Spanish music and fall in love with a blockbuster Spanish movie. It doesn’t matter if the motives for you learning Spanish are practical, or maybe sentimental, this language will serve you very well for the rest of your life.

I hope that these reasons help to motivate you to start learning Spanish, you may even want to study Spanish abroad for a full immersion experience. Once you start learning the language you will begin to appreciate its beauty, its roots and you will find out that many of the words are indeed similar to your own language making it easier to learn than you expected!

Damian breen
Damian Breen Managing Director

Damian spent some 22 years living and working in various different countries in Africa and the Middle East, for several different leading international airlines, in senior country and regional manager roles.