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Learn English in Ireland

Learning English in Ireland is an extraordinary journey that combines language education with a warm and welcoming cultural experience. 

As a country renowned for its hospitality and charm, Ireland offers language learners a unique environment to practice English with friendly locals, known for their clear and melodious speech.

Featured Locations

Where to study English in Ireland

English learning infused with Irish culture

When considering where to learn English in Ireland, Dublin emerges as an exceptional choice, and CES Dublin language schools truly excel in providing a remarkable language learning journey. The vibrant capital city of Ireland offers a perfect balance of modernity and tradition, allowing students to immerse themselves in a dynamic English-speaking environment.

Experiences & Courses in Ireland

Immersive English language-learning


CELTA English Teacher Training

in Dublin, Ireland

The CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is the most widely recognised and respected initial teacher training course internationally. 

  • 18+
  • B2
  • 4 weeks +
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Standard English

in Dublin, Ireland

This is a highly regarded language course at one of Ireland's premier language schools right in the heart of Dublin

  • 16+
  • A1
  • 1 weeks +
Liffey Boardwalk

Methodology + Language Development for Teachers of English

in Dublin, Ireland

This multinational teachers programme attracts teachers from around the world to share new ideas and best practice.

  • 20+
  • B1
  • 1 weeks +
Our Guides & Articles

Prepare for your English learning experience in Ireland

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The 5 keys to perfect language learning

Have you ever felt a sense of frustration during a meeting with someone from a different culture, who speaks a different language, when you realise how the experience could be significantly enhanced by knowing, understanding and speaking that person’s language?

Group English class

Language Learning Facts You Might Not Know

Each one of us realizes, in a different stage of our lives, that learning a second (sometimes third) language is a must-do activity. Some of us do it with pleasure, some totally hate it. Here I will present you with some interesting facts about language learning.

Studying English in Ireland FAQs

Have questions?

What are the benefits of learning English in Ireland compared with learning English in England?

Probably one of the key benefits of learning English in Ireland is that EU citizens do not need visas for long-term courses.

Is it cheaper to learn English in Ireland?

It depends on which course you are studying. Certainly learning English in Ireland has real rewards but so does learning English in England!

Thinking of learning English in Ireland?

Our experts are on hand to help you craft the ideal English language learning experience.