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Gmit galway campus

ATU Galway in Galway

ATU where the summer school is held has a modern campus on the outskirts of Galway. Alongside its busy, cosmopolitan city centre, Galway is a beautiful seaside location with beaches and a long promenade to enjoy. 

Students can also see more of Ireland’s famous, rugged landscape in Connemara and further south towards Limerick, as well as experiencing the historic Burren and the breath taking Cliffs of Moher.

Courses at ATU Galway

Outstandingly good courses in every aspect

Summer School 17

English + Activities / Young Learners

English lessons, social activities and excursions have all been designed to enhance each student’s language learning experience, but also at the same time help them discover and experience local culture in a fun and happy environment.

  • 12+
  • A0
  • 2 weeks +

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School Location

Situated in the heart of Galway

Galway hero

Galway’s coastal beauty, coupled with its rich history and modern vibrancy, provides a diverse and inspiring backdrop for language learners, offering not just linguistic enrichment but also a treasure trove of memories and experiences. Whether you are exploring the medieval city walls, reveling in the energetic street performances, or enjoying the serene beauty of Galway Bay, every moment in this city is an opportunity to live the language and embrace the captivating Irish spirit!

Vibrant street life

Galway is renowned for its lively streets bustling with performers.

Friendly Locals

The city is known for its warm and welcoming residents.

Proximity to nature

The location of Galway offers easy access to the stunning landscapes of Connemara, the Cliffs of Moher, and the Aran Islands.


Get settled in Galway

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