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Horizonte in Regensburg

Our partner school located in the wonderful town of Regensburg in Bavaria, was founded in 1986, and quickly earned an excellent international reputation as a result of its high teaching standards and its personal, friendly and unbureaucratic approach to learning German.

Courses at Horizonte

Outstandingly good courses in every aspect

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Standard German

This German course builds on the four fundamentals of language: listening, writing, reading and speaking.

  • 16+
  • A0
  • 1 weeks +
German for Teachers Regensburg

German for Teachers of German

This German for Teachers of German course is aimed at helping you improve and refresh your German language skills and crucially it gives students the opportunity to exchange teaching ideas with colleagues whilst enjoying cultural immersion in what has to be one one of Germany’s most beautiful cities.

  • 20+
  • B2
  • 2 weeks +
School Location

Situated in the heart of Regensburg

Regensburg at Sunset

Regensburg has a population of approximately 160.000 inhabitants and it lies at the northernmost point of the Danube (“Donau” in German) in the heart of Bavaria, just one hour north of Munich airport. There are regular direct trains from Munich airport to Regensburg.

The old Stone Bridge, the Gothic cathedral and the Old Town Hall are the best-known landmarks from this period. The unique medieval city centre, with its buildings dating back two millennia, makes Regensburg stand out as one of the most beautiful cities in Germany and was named UNESCO world heritage in 2006. It is in our opinion a 'must-visit place and an ideal location to immerse yourself in German culture, language and history.

Wonderful boutique shops

Excellent restaurants

Historic university town

On the doorstep of beautiful countryside


Get settled in Regensburg

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