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Berlin College in Berlin

A pinnacle of linguistic and cultural education situated in the heart of Germany's dynamic capital, Berlin. Berlin Colleges offers a blend of high-quality language instruction, cultural immersion, and an international atmosphere that makes learning not just effective but also immensely enjoyable.

Courses at Berlin College

Outstandingly good courses in every aspect

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German + Urban Arts for Teens

German and Urban Arts is a super cool German course at super cool Berlin College.

  • 16+
  • A1
  • 1 weeks +

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School Location

Situated in the heart of Berlin

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Whether you're sipping coffee in a hipster café in Kreuzberg, exploring the rich tapestry of art at the East Side Gallery, or engaging in intellectual discourse at one of the city's many international forums, Berlin offers an eclectic mix of experiences that enrich both the mind and soul.

Historic Landmarks

Cultural Diversity

Art and Music

Public Transport


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