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FL Nice School facade

FL Nice in Nice

The school is located between a quiet residential area and a bustling shopping area. It features seven very pleasant and welcoming classrooms over two floors in a charming Provencal house. 

As you would expect the school is fully equipped with a learning resource centre, which includes desktop PCs, a small library and free WIFI. 

Nice is blessed with about three hundred days of sunshine a year so there are bound to be plenty of opportunities for you to relax in the school's inviting garden during your breaks and enjoy some Mediterranean sun.  

Courses at FL Nice

Outstandingly good courses in every aspect

St Paul de Vence

French + Riviera Discovery 50+

An excellent way to improve your French whilst also getting to know some beautiful parts of the Riviera

  • 50+
  • A2
  • 1 weeks +
Nice French for teachers

French for Teachers of French

This course is designed specifically for teachers of French as a Foreign Language whose mother tongue is not French.

  • 20+
  • B2
  • 1 weeks +
Promenades des anglais

General French

Depending on availability you can choose to have your French classes in the morning or the afternoon. This will leave you plenty of time during the rest of your day to discover the wonders of Nice during your free time!

  • 16+
  • A0
  • 1 weeks +
School Location

Situated in the heart of Nice


Only 30 kilometres from Italy, Nice, on the French Riviera is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the south and overlooked by the majestic Alps in the north. Its climate makes it an ever popular destination for both French and foreign tourists.

Take time to explore the various viewpoints throughout the city and make sure that you take a walk through Nice’s Vieille Ville (Old Town) and Promenade des Anglais. Nice is also blessed with a wonderful beach, the Baie Des Anges. 

Economic centre of the South of France

Magnificent selection of restaurants and bars

Vibrant nightlife

Close proximity to Cannes, St Tropez and other world famous French destinations

Wonderful beach


Get settled in Nice

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