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Place de La Bourse Bordeaux

FL Bordeaux in Bordeaux

At the Quai des Chartrons and close to a tram stop is our wonderful boutique partner school in Bordeaux. 

It is a special school with passionate teachers who care about their students, who encourage them and go above and beyond to help them on their language-learning journey. 

The school is in a really pleasant location and close to some nice coffee shops and eateries. 

Courses at FL Bordeaux

Outstandingly good courses in every aspect

Bod French for Teachers

French for Teachers of French

This course is designed specifically for teachers of French as a Foreign Language whose mother tongue is not French.

  • 20+
  • B2
  • 1 weeks +
Bordeaux Cafe

General French

Learning French in the morning or the afternoon will leave you plenty of time during the rest of the day to discover the wonders of Bordeaux during your free time!

  • 16+
  • A0
  • 1 weeks +
School Location

Situated in the heart of Bordeaux

Mise en Bouteille

Bordeaux, in the South-West of France, has so much to offer not just because of its deserved worldwide reputation for the fabulous wines that are produced in the region but also because of its history and exceptional urban and architectural heritage, which means it is on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List. 

With a lively nightlife, Bordeaux welcomes over 100,000 students each year, attracted by the quality of higher education and research, infrastructure, universities and of course unrivalled gastronomic delights.

Voted trendiest city by Lonely Planet in 2017

Bursting with vineyards producing world class wines including Chateau Margaux and Chateau Mouton Rothschild.

Wonderful nature reserves and coastline.

Fabulous sandy beaches around Lacanau which is a 'hot spot' for both surfers and sun bathers alike.


Get settled in Bordeaux

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