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What you must see (and do) while studying German in Berlin

When you study German in Berlin you will have a chance to explore a wide variety of cultural content originating from different centuries and not to mention the great German cuisine and beers. So here are some of our tips on places to go and things to see and do while you’re studying German in Berlin.

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In one of our previous posts, we mentioned some interesting sights in Bordeaux that you should definitely see when you’re studying French in France. In this post, we will talk a bit about interesting sights to see while you’re studying German in Berlin.

Let’s face the fact that studying another language in your home country and in the country where it’s spoken is not the same. In the classroom, you will study and learn the most common and frequent expressions, grammar and the necessities of that particular language. But when you study abroad in another country and practice that language in its natural environment you get a totally different perspective and can exploit the potential to its maximum. Aside from total cultural immersion (one thing that you probably won’t get in a classroom), you get the chance to explore the surroundings and practice the language on a completely new level. And it’s no different when you study German in Berlin.

First, we would like to focus on Germany’s natural wonder, the Grunewald forest. This is one of Berlin’s largest forested areas located southwest of Charlottenburg. Activities to do are many. You can pack a picnic basket and enjoy the entire day with your friend eating delicious German sausages called wurst or apple strudel or brezel (traditional German white pretzels). If you’re a more active person, you can explore the woods on foot, bicycle or even on horseback. Weather permitting you can even take a dip in the clear waters of Schlachtensee or Wannsee which are one of the many freshwater lakes in the forest. When further exploring, make sure that you visit Teufelsberg which is a manmade hill constructed by the Allies during WWII from the city’s rubble. Just for your information, there is no general access to the hill but you can book a guided tour and get to the top that way.

If you really want to enjoy outdoor activities, then you should definitely check out Mauer Park which is a true paradise for energetic market-lovers. Be sure to visit on a Sunday because the ambience is fantastic as the park hosts a huge flea market where you can purchase bicycles, clothes, food, souvenirs and even furniture.

For those who are fans of the old times and feel a bit nostalgic, we can recommend the DDR Museum. The Soviet occupation of Eastern Berlin ended in 1990 and the DDR Museum offers a snapshot of life in the old days. There are plenty of activities inside and outside but probably the one that is most worth mentioning is cruising on a rented Trabant (an old classic car produced in East Germany) which is painted with vivid colors.

With today’s technology and selfie craze, taking a four-shot selfie in Berlin’s Photoautomaten is practically mandatory! These automats make black-white photos of you and your friends and they can be located throughout the city and they are open all hours. An amazing opportunity to make a fun souvenir.

Since Berin has a population of over 3 million citizens, it can get pretty crowded and you may not have the time necessary to explore the entire city on foot. If you find yourself in this situation, you can always rent a bike and do a quick tour of Berlin. The central part of Berlin is full of bike-rental outlets and the city itself has a welcoming cycle culture. Bike tours usually start at Reichstag, after which you can continue over to Brandenburg Tower, the Holocaust Memorial, Potsdamer Platz and even the Topography of Terror which is an outdoor museum on the site of the wartime SS and the Gestapo office.

So these are our top suggestions on what to see and do while you study German in Berlin. Of course, there is so much more. Have you been to Berlin? What’s your favourite thing to see or do in the capital?


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