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Top Careers for Multilingual People

People with a flair for languages are blessed as the talent of speaking various international languages comes with its own set of perks. Having multiple languages in your repertoire opens doors around the world and language hobbyists will be more than thrilled to identify the vast career options available to them.

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As a multilingual, you could be eligible for an amazing array of job possibilities which may not have existed otherwise. In today’s current scenario, many companies are looking specifically for multilingual as this will enable their prospective employees to settle in easily into a new work environment and country as well as connect more easily with clients and colleagues. You can definitely gain a competitive advantage from this aspect and statistics reveal that multilinguals reap greater benefits and earnings from their jobs. It is important to understand that being multilingual provides opportunities that might not be visible to you just by your mere qualifications. In order to get a better grip on this idea, let us consider some of the top careers open for multilinguals.

1) Diplomat: Foreign ambassadors need to stay in an unknown land during the course of their employment. It is easier not only to conduct business but also to communicate effectively with people and also to settle down comfortably in a foreign land with ease if you are a multi-linguist.

2) Health care: Hospitals and clinics in metropolitan areas usually witness patients from many walks of life and therefore, in professions such as a registered nurse, physician’s assistant, paramedics, home health aide, etc. being multilingual will definitely be favorable to you. Some countries have a shortage of healthcare professionals and therefore recruit abroad. Being multilingual can certainly help you get a job as a healthcare professional abroad.

3) Hospitality: The next industry which clearly looks for multilingual employees are resorts, hotels and spas. In the hospitality industry, especially for positions such as concierge manager, hotel and resort manager, desk clerk, etc.,  there is no doubt that you will be dealing with tourists from different countries and speaking several languages will definitely put you at an advantage from your counterparts.

4) Education: This industry definitely looks to attract students from different cultures and nations and if you are looking to succeed as a teacher or a guidance counsellor, being multilingual will not only help you to stride further in your career but will also offer you the chance to communicate with international students by making them feel at ease in their own language. Most universities around the world have an international department where being bilingual is a minimum requirement.

5) Customer service: Nowadays, some companies are only looking forward to hiring people who are bilingual or multilingual since in this way, as a customer care agent, you can deal with issues of a larger customer base and thus, companies can reduce hiring costs as well.

6) Law enforcement: If you want to be a part of the law enforcement industry, keep in mind that you will be dealing with people from various ethnic backgrounds and speaking multiple languages will actually help to save your time in dealing with situations, without taking the help of interpreters. Although law enforcement forces everywhere also employ interpreters to assist in many legal situations.

7) Finance: As money travels, so do opportunities related to finance and accounting and as this profession is more in demand lately, it will be a boon to your financial knowledge to acquire the knowledge of several languages which will come as a great help while dealing internationally with euros and yen.

8) Communication: As a media person, there is no doubt that language is the key to your success. It does not matter if you work as a public relations specialist, a journalist or a media relations officer, but what matters in this line of work is your ability to learn multiple languages which will put you at the forefront while conducting an interview or while writing a news piece as words are your bread and butter.

There is no doubt that being multilingual has its advantages including a better chance at life with enhanced career possibilities. So whether you are learning a language for fun or for professional reasons, be sure to highlight these valuable skills on your CV and in job interviews.


Damian breen
Damian Breen Managing Director

Damian spent some 22 years living and working in various different countries in Africa and the Middle East, for several different leading international airlines, in senior country and regional manager roles.